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#070 - Shots Editors Should Ask Directors To Shoot

There are some shots that, if the director shoots them, can give editors a 'get out of jail card' when it comes to solving common problems in the edit; such as cutting out unnecessary lines, changing the focus of a scene and filling in plot holes.

In this issue of Cut/daily we'll take a look at three classic examples of shots that editors should ask directors to give them, in order to help everyone out in the edit.

Shot 1 - Looks around the table in close up

This inspiration for this issue of Cut/daily is this tweet from editor Vashi Nedomanksy, discussing how useful a few close up looks around the table are when it comes to multi-character dinner table scenes.

These kinds of scenes invariably are far more complex to shoot and put together than you might expect, given all the eye lines to match, continuity to maintain and emotional beats to hit.

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