Cut/daily Training

Gone are the days of waiting a whole week for the next episode of your favourite TV show, and so Cut/daily is also leaping back to the future with Cut/daily Training on demand.

Even though Cut/daily might be busting through its 400th weekly issue, there's always more to learn about Post-Production so now you can learn something new every day of the week by taking one of our new email-based micro-training courses.

Say what now?

Purchase a Cut/daily micro training course on a particular topic, and you'll receive a concise insight delivered to your inbox every day for 7 days, adding practical depth to your skill set and strengthening your knowledge of a specific aspect of Post-Production.

Extention resources will allow you to explore the topic in greater detail at your own pace without slowing you down each day. It's the best of both worlds.

And all for $10 bucks.

Cut/daily Micro Training Courses

Current Cut/daily Micro Training pre-launch courses include:

Editing Tips for Beginners – There are a few things everyone gets wrong at the beginning of their editing journey. This course will fix a fistful of those with practical guidance and technical understanding.

AI Tools for Post – Save time, effort and money with a handful of AI-powered tools built for busy post-production professionals. Work smarter, not harder, with the right tool for the job.

Managing Freelance Finances – Creative people often find managing money difficult. After 20 years of freelancing, here's my simple recipe for getting the money stuff right.

Adding Audio Polish – Improving the quality of your audio is the cheapest way to elevate the entire project. Add production value to every project you touch with these essential audio polishing skills.

Mastering Editorial VFX – Discover a handful of invisible fixes that every editor should have up their sleeve. Actually, fix it in Post.

OK, interesting. How do I sign up?

Register your interest for one or more of these courses by filling out this form and be first in line to experience Cut/daily's unique micro training!

  • The course with the most votes will be launched first
  • The first 20 pre-launch registrations will get free beta-testing access
  • At launch, each course will cost $10
  • When each course launches, you'll be the first to know!

Any questions, just get in touch.