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#095 - Exciting times are coming for Cut/daily!

I'm excited to announce that Artlist.io have agreed to be Cut/daily's first ever sponsor and are picking up the tab for everyone for a whole month!

I'm very grateful to Artlist for their partnership as it means so many more post-production professionals will get to enjoy what Cut/daily has to offer.

If you know someone who might enjoy trying Cut/daily for free for a month do forward them this email or encourage them to sign up directly!

Sponsored Cut/daily - how it's going to work

From September 6th 2021 everyone who is signed up to Cut/daily as a free or monthly member will receive daily emails for the next four weeks, thanks to our inaugural sponsor's generosity.

Paying monthly members will also get a free month, as all subscriptions will be paused for that time. You don't need to do anything, they'll automatically start again after the sponsorship ends, so you won't miss a thing.

Monthly members will still have access to the complete Cut/daily archive, whilst free members will need to sign up as monthly members if they want to read through those, nearly 100, previous issues.

Artlist.io & Artgrid.io - Cut/daily's First Ever Sponsor

I'm a big fan of both Artlist.io and Artgrid.io  having used and loved their libraries of high quality royalty free production music and royalty free stock footage, for several years.

You can check out these two articles to understand what both Artlist/Artgrid have to offer in more detail:

Be sure to check out both of these excellent sites and if you use either of these links (Artlist.io  -  Artgrid.io), they will give you two months extra for free, if you happen to sign up for an annual subscription.

5 Quick Tips for Editors from a Hollywood Director

Director Edward Zwick shared this nugget of post-production wisdom in a 10-point 'confessions of a director' thread.

Zwick's directing credits include Legends of the Fall, Courage Under Fire, The Last Samurai, Blood Diamond and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back - to pick five.

His whole Twitter account* is a goldmine of 'Hollywood insider' wisdom and here are a few of my favourites, that all editors can learn from.

*hopefully it's really him!

Your first cut is perfect.

If your preview sucks

In the editing room

Coverage is God's way...

So remember, exciting times are coming for cut daily!