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#163 - How to Work More Efficiently with Audio in Avid

One of the topics I've been asked to cover in more detail is working with audio, and audio in Avid Media Composer.

So, in this issue of Cut/daily, we'll take a look at two recent presentations from Avid Master Instructor, Marianne Post*, who shares some valuable tips and tricks for working more efficiently with audio in Avid Media Composer.

Jump right in here: Part 1 | Part 2

If you're new to this editing malarky and want to learn Avid Media Composer then you should download the free Avid Media Composer | First and noodle around. Check out the Take This Further section for more resources on that.

Also if you want to work with the same short film that Marianne is editing with in her presentation you can download it from Editstock.com and save 15% with this week's Code of the Week, also found at the end of this issue.

*Great aptronym or what?

My strategy for this session is starting from Input all the way through:
Structuring your timeline, doing your sound design, getting into mixing effects, troubleshooting and that kind of thing.

Just to help you guys become more efficient and also answer some really common questions that I get all the time.

— Marianne Post

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