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#308 - 10 Best Practices for Features, Long Form & Episodic

There are best practices for a reason...

Adobe just released a 134 page Best Practices Guide for Feature Film, Long Form and Episodic Productions working in Adobe Premiere Pro.

My assumption when incredibly useful guides like this are released is that most people think:

Oh, I should really read that. Let me save the link...

... and then they never do.

Or maybe they even download it.

But never get around to reading it.

Well, I read the whole thing for you (you're welcome) and in today's issue of Cut/daily you can takeaway 10 Premiere Pro related insights, even if you do nothing else.

Although, you really should read it.

Because it's a compendium of battle-tested insights from hard-working professionals and a clear description for anyone wanting to understand (and get a job in) these kinds of modern post workflows.

So even if you don't use Premiere, there are still valuable insights to glean from it!

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