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#332 - Inside the Hidden Mechanics of Trailer Editing

Me and my dad fixing anything. He's the one who actually knows what he's doing.

Access to world class experts. That's the main reason Masterclass.com is one of my favourite places on the internet.

Fistfuls of curiosity satiating world class experts.

However it does require a (worth-every-penny) subscription.

But today we'll get to learn from some other world class experts, for free.

In this issue of Cut/daily we get to hear two expert trailer editors dissect the hidden mechanics that shaped some of the best trailers of the past few years.

And they would know, because they actually cut them.

One expert discussing their craft is pretty good but what's even better is two experts talking to each other at an expert level. Their conversation is that much richer and more advanced than when an uninformed interviewer asks them basic questions.

I've learned a lot from veteran trailer editor James Rowney's Making The Cut and I think you will too.

Plus it's really well edited.

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