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#077- Cut/daily Meets... Paul Matthijs Lombert, CEO of Hedge

One of the things I'm keen to do with the Cut/daily Meets... series is to learn from perspectives across the length and breadth of the Post-Production industry.

In today's micro interview, that means learning from Paul Matthijs Lombert, CEO of Hedge - creators of some of the most satisfyingly designed post-production software around.

I'm a big fan of Hedge, the bullet-proof media transfer and back up software that I use every time I need to copy something to somewhere else in my edit suite, although PostLab is also incredibly useful.

(You can try Hedge for 10 days for free or get 10% off with this special link.)

Paul was kind enough to answer my questions and give me some perspective on what it takes to run a remote-first software company and how to manage a hectic workload.

P.s. - This isn't any kind of paid promotion or anything. I asked Paul to do the interview because I love what they make!

Hedge has one of the most elegant user experiences around, based on a super streamlined user interface. It's what makes using Hedge so pleasing!

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