Cut/daily - Weekly!

I know the idea of getting a short daily email may sound like a daunting prospect, so I wanted to offer my readers the option to get all the goodness of Cut/daily, but in a single weekly email.

Personally, I'm hoping you'll come to love opening Cut/daily every Monday to Friday for a little jolt of post-production related interestingness each day.

But I understand how quickly an inbox can get out of hand.

If weekly is what you'd like, I'd like for you to have it your way.

Now comes the admin.

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I'm hosting Cut/daily on the excellent membership platform GhostPro. Unfortunately there is currently no way for me to segment my monthly subscribers into daily or weekly email receivers.

The beta solution to offering a single weekly digest is therefore to create a second email list in MailChimp, which will automatically send you a single email every Friday morning with a list of that week's Cut/daily content.

You just need to manually turn off the daily emails for your membership within your Cut/daily account settings.

If you'd still like to go ahead with a Weekly email from Cut/daily just fill in your details below.

If you have any questions, want to revert back to daily or need help with this just get in touch!

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