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#016 - Editing Advice from William Goldenberg

It’s taken me a whole career for me to gain confidence.
I think my insecurities, wanting to make everything perfect, are what makes me good at editing.

It seems with every film I’m as terrified as I was when I started 22 years ago.

Every film creates its own set of problems unique to that film. Often, there are sequences in films where you don’t know how to put it together. When I look at all the footage for a scene sometimes, I think, ‘Where do I even start?’

You get that anxiety feeling that never really goes away.

— William Goldenberg, Film Editor

William Goldenberg has said he learned everything he knows about editing from Michael Kahn (Speilberg's editor for 40 years) who he apprenticed for at the start of his career.

Everything I learned as an editor, I learned from Michael Kahn, and his big thing was, "Give me the opportunity to be wrong let me try things.
Let me make mistakes. Just don't persecute me for it."
You make discoveries along the way, that way.

At the 2013 Academy Awards William competed against himself (Argo vs Zero Dark Thirty) and his mentor (Kahn for Lincoln), going on to win the Oscar for Best Editing for Argo.

So what he has to say about editing, I want to know!

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