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#059 - Editorial Insights from Studio Notes

It’s my job to have the mosaic of the entire show (visually and narratively) in mind whenever I make any decision during prep, on set, or in the editing room, and this, in my opinion, is an instance where a short term gain in moving things along hurts one of our key characters.

— Steven Soderbergh, Ep 103 The Knick

I must confess I've not actually seen Steven Soderbergh's The Knick, which ran for two season on Cinemax, was cancelled and is now un-cancelled on HBO Max.

What I have seen are the detailed email conversations between Cinemax studio head Kary Antholis and director Steven Soderbergh, in which they discuss the show's post-production, scene by scene.

These are those 'Studio Notes' you've heard all about, and now you can read them too.

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