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#165 - Every DaVinci Resolve OFX Color Effect that's Worth Paying for

Back in #137 - Every DaVinci Resolve Fairlight Audio Effect Explored I mentioned that I wasn't aware of a definitive list of every OFX effect that was in the DaVinci Resolve Studio version ($295) and not in the free version.

Today, I can update you with some much better information than simply RTFM.

When it comes to the DaVinci Resolve Color page, UK colorist Darren Mostyn has put together a really helpful walkthrough of exactly that distinction, sharing some of his favourite Studio only effects along the way.

This is a really useful exercise for a couple of reasons:

If, like me, you've never used of some of these effects, or didn't even know that they were in DaVinci Resolve Studio, you are now better equipped to make use of the toolset that's actually available to you (if you own Studio) - you can still play with all these effects in the free version, they're just watermarked.

It will also help you decide if, given your work and use-cases, whether upgrading to Resolve Studio is something that will be worth your while.

Given that every single update has been included in your initial purchase price ($295), it is also a great deal, especially compared to the economics of something like an Adobe subscription.

Anyway, take 15 minutes, watch the video and learn something.

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