Cut/daily meets...

Cut/daily meets... is a crowd sourced micro-content podcast.

What does that mean?

Each episode of Cut/daily meets... introduces you to a member of the worldwide post-production community in about five minutes.

You'll hear some inspiring stories, pick up some hard won wisdom and get a better grasp of what some other folk are doing day-by-day in the wonderful world of Post Production.

I want to hear from you if you work in Post Production in any capacity! Especially if you've never been asked to talk about your work before... well, I'm asking!

The greater the diversity the better, as I'm confident there are many sides to post that I don't know as well as I would like.

Also if you have a (potentially shy) post-friend who you think the world should know more about, then feel free to force them answer these questions!

Want to be on the show? That's easy.

Find yourself a quiet spot, pull out your phone or set up a microphone if you want to be fancy about it, and answer each of the questions below.

Then send your audio recording to, along with any social handles or websites you'd like me to link to.

or click on this magical Drop-Off link and upload your audio direct to my PostLab Drive.

If you upload direct to the PostLab Drive, please name your audio file something obvious and also send an email to so I can match up the audio and the sender!

I'll pick the best of the submissions, edit them down and share them with the rest of the Cut/daily community!

Cut/daily meets... The Questions

Please read each question (in bold) aloud into the recording, before each answer.

Hi I’m _______ and I work as a ___(job role)___ in ___(location)___

1. What most people don't understand about my role is that...

2. The best piece of post-production wisdom someone ever gave me was…  (and why it made a difference?)

3. The biggest mistake I ever made in post-production was... (but because of this I learned…)

4. If I could go back and talk to my younger self about my career in post so far, I would tell them…  (and why)

5. The most interesting thing I discovered recently about post-production was…

(tips, tricks, new apps, advice, great project, useful shortcut, whatever!)

6. The thing I’m most excited about in the near future is…

(Plug anything you want!)

That's all there is to it.

Thanks for giving Cut/daily meets... a go and I hope to hear from you very soon!