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#155 - The Virtual Editing Experience of Tomorrow

What is currently possible with remote video editing on a Virtual Machine?

When will I, as a solo freelancer, consider moving to a VM subscription instead of a new desktop machine?

What needs to happen to get us to that point?

What do most people not understand about VM's for editing?

Are there any parts of post that running a VM isn't ready for yet?

What is BeBop and who is it for?

These are the questions I put to tech and post-workflow savant, Michael Kammes which he so kindly answered, in detail in today's issue of Cut/daily.

Michael is value added wherever he goes, from regular appearances on industry panel discussions to his excellent 5 Things Series. He's also hard at work in his day-job of VP of Marketing & Business Development at BeBop Technology.

I wanted to get his perspective on what might be the future (one day) for all of us creative types; that of working on powerful Virtual Machines (VMs) floating in the cloud rather than the trusty hardware rooted to our desks.

Strap on your learning hats, it's time to get educated.

Editors Note: For the sake of brevity, I've included the first three questions in this issue of Cut/daily and published an extended version with all six answers here.

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