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#062 - Let Me Save You Time, Here's Where I Get My Music

Wasting too much time trying to find decent music to use in your edit?

Here's where I get mine and three reasons why it saves me so much time.

The inspiration for this issue of Cut/daily was this great tweet from @anthonyquintano, in which you can see how a client thinks videos are made vs how they are actually made.

What caught my eye though was the "Find music, Find music, still looking for music..."

Hopefully, I can save you a ton of time by recommending Artlist.io as the first place you should go to get music for your edit.


  1. I always find great tracks, quickly
  2. Their license is crazy and covers every end use
  3. There are no watermarks

If you use this link when you sign up you'll get two months extra for free.

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