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#171 - Inside The Editing of Dune

So I finally got to see Dune on the weekend, and I loved it.

I've not read the book or anything and I'm not some big Dune nerd, but it was just such delightfully brilliant cinema.

The visuals are incredible and the world-building is masterful.

I was struck by how (I felt) perfectly paced the narrative was and the dispensing of story information, character and the unfolding plot.

That and how I instantly recognised that Editor Joe Walker is the voice of the 'movie books' that Timothée Chalamet's Paul Atreides watches in a few scenes early on in the film.

Apparently it was just temp that ending up sticking.

I don't know what that says about how many interviews I've listened to with him!

In this issue of Cut/daily I'm going to share some of my favourite highlights from Steve Hullfish's Art of The Cut interview with Dune editor, Joe Walker ACE.

Spoilers somewhat ahead...

I guess watch the movie first, unless you never plan on watching it at all, but really you should. I loved it!

Dennis was in Montreal and we worked through Evercast, that was the system we used.

And I had to get used to seeing the front of his face, which isn't something I was very used to.

I mean I've sat to the left of him for so long, you know the right-hand side of his face is like the dark side of the moon!

— Joe Walker, ACE - Editor

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