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#185 - Why your personality could make or break your career.

On the fifth day of Comedy Christmas, Cut/daily gave to me...
career changing advice.

Editors have different styles, attitudes, opinions and approaches.

Editors are people, not machines; we don't just push buttons, we bring a lifetime of emotions and thoughts and experiences to every edit.

But what is crucial for comedy is that editors laugh in the right places. It also helps to smell nice and be a pleasant person to be around a lot.

— Roger Nygard, Cut To The Monkey

This week on Cut/daily we've been counting down the days till Christmas with a truncated '5 days of Comedy Christmas'  theme, largely inspired by editor Roger Nygard's new book, Cut To The Monkey.

Which is, in a word, superb and should be added to your Christmas wish list, immediately.

Cut/daily will be taking two weeks off so that we can spend more time with our loved ones and will be hitting your inbox once again on January 3rd 2022.

In today's issue of Cut/daily we'll be exploring the idea that who you are is just as, if not more, important than how good you are.

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