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#190 - Why you should definitely work for free in 2022

Working on something for free could be one of the most important things you do in 2022.


Because you have a great power, and with that power comes a great responsibility.

(Thanks Uncle Ben.)

But seriously now, if I could encourage, nay, exhort you to do one thing, it would be to use your gifts of Post-Production prowess to make the world a better place in the next year.

Seek out a local

  • charity
  • community organisation
  • politician
  • historic landmark
  • small business
  • unsung hero

- whatever or whoever that strikes you as important, valuable or worthy of celebration - and see if you can help them out with your particular creative skillset.

Maybe you produce a short podcast, introductory video, 60 second Instagram ad, living oral history or mini animation and that helps them achieve their goals in some way.

Or merely helps someone else feel seen, heard and understood.

And do it all for free.

If everyone who reads this issue of Cut/daily did this - just once - in the next year, think of all the world changing creativity that would be unleashed!

The word amateur comes from the French 'amour', meaning someone who loves what they do.

— Worknik.com

As professionals I completely believe in being well paid for the skills we wield, but as true amateurs there are plenty of good reasons to do it for the love of the craft.

And in some cases, as we discussed in #030 - How to Win Work You Shouldn't Get, strategic freebies can actually help open otherwise locked doors in your career journey.

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