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#191 - How to fix Moire

When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza-pie that's a-moire...
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If you're new to the term, moire is handily defined by Ocean Studio's glossary:

Moire effect is a visual phenomenon that causes busy patterns or repeating lines or curves to appear to dance or bleed in and out of each other.

The effect is created by a combination of camera resolution and resolution of the display that is showing the captured image.

— Brent Bye, Ocean Studio

And it looks like this...

This can obviously be avoided by getting the on-screen talent to wear something else, but if that wasn't possible - and clearly it wasn't as it's your problem now - how do you go about fixing it?

We'll look at a couple of solutions in this issue of Cut/daily one that can be performed in pretty much any NLE, and one that's DaVinci Resolve specific.

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