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#213 - 12 Avid Editing Tips from a TV Doc Editor

There are some editing tips and tricks that you discover only after spending months, years, decades in your video editing software of choice.

Nifty little things that often aren't the most 'mind-blowing' of techniques, but when they're new to you, and you put them to use straight away, they feel like genuine magic.

In today's issue of Cut/daily we'll take a look at 12 such tips for Avid Media Composer, including:

  • Instantly tidying track patching messes
  • Trimming while leaving filler
  • Adding filler to the end of a timeline
  • Marking In/Out points between edits, closest to the playhead, while ignoring track selections
  • A faster way to enter Trim mode

all brought to you by a UK-based TV Editor who cuts documentary programmes for the BBC.

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