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#232 - Cut/daily Meets... Editor Peter Sciberras

Editor Peter Sciberras is building an impressive list of feature film credits to his name including Hail, War Machine, The King and most recently, The Power of the Dog.

The Power of the Dog has already been nominated for, and won, hundreds of awards, including nominations for the big editing awards such as the Oscars, BAFTAs and Eddies.

In light of this I was grateful to Peter to take the time to answer my questions here on Cut/daily Meets... and I particularly appreciated his encouragement to “trust your instincts” and for making sure the edit suite is a safe place to explore all ideas.

In putting this issue together, I also enjoyed this snippet I found from Peter, discussing working with director Jane Campion:

We didn’t really talk specifically about pacing and tone early on but we would always talk about being restrained, it was always about letting moments play whenever we could and never cutting unnecessarily.

The other conversation we had a lot was that momentum was extremely important to Jane, we would discuss the film building and escalating in a muscular way so it was always about striking a balance between the two.

— Peter Sciberras, Editor

You can also check out some of Peter's commercial work here.

Scene Breakdown with Editor Peter Sciberras

In this (unlisted) Netflix Film Club video, Peter breaks down his and director Jane Campion's editorial choices in an a scene from The Power of the Dog.

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