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#236 - Selecting the correct format for interoperable external drives

Which format should you use for an external drive when you want the data on it to be accessible for both Mac and PC?

Editor Jeff Greenberg suggests that you should use ExFAT, but only for the purpose of transferring data between Macs and PCs.

Where should I use ExFat?

Predominantly on a removable drive that is used solely to transfer between systems. Never use for live access of information.

— Jeff Greenberg, Editor

His reasoning for this that while ExFAT allows you to:

  • Read/Write on Mac
  • Read/Write on Window
  • Store file's greater than 4GB (a limit of FAT32)

It is not journalled.

Which means that if you don't eject or unplug it correctly, you can lose data.

In this issue of Cut/daily we'll take a look at the major drive formats, what each one is good for and how to get files to and from the 'other side'.

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