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#255 - ACES Explained (3 different ways)

This issue of Cut/daily will dive once again, into that scintillating topic; colour management.

And ACES colour management to be specific.

An obvious place to start would be ACES's own site - ACEScentral.com -  which has a lot of technical information, as well as some fairly approachable Quick Start Guides and Primers in both English and Spanish.

But there are some other great resources out there to get you up to speed with ACES, which I've curated for your education.

ACES (mostly) Explained in 2 minutes

I (hopefully) do a pretty OK job of explaining what ACES is and how it came to be in the this high-level overview I wrote for Avid's blog.

I had more to say than got passed their editors, so it's definitely 'the least you need to know' about IDT's ODT's and the like.

Why You Shouldn't Use ACES

In this short video, Freelance Colorist and Trainer Cullen Kelly, talks you through three reasons why you may not even want to use ACES in the first place.

ACES is about accuracy and efficiency not aesthetics so it will not magically make your grades look better but what it may do is allow you to make better grades by offering a more systematic approach.

— Cullen Kelly, Colorist

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