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#256 - (HS) - The One Simple Trick Edition

The next week of Cut/daily will be a little bit different to usual, as I'm taking a week off to spend time with my nearest and dearest and enjoy what matters most to me in life.

If you're just joining us as a Monthly subscriber - thank you! - and hold tight, things will return to normal next week.

But rather than leave you empty handed, every day this week I'll be sharing three things with you, my dear Cut/daily reader.

  • One simple tip
  • One popular issue
  • One hidden gem

The last two items on this list are based on the historic open-rates of each issue of Cut/daily.

If you're one of those 100% open-rate readers (thank you!) you might get that déjà vu feeling as we revisit some issues from the archive, but don't worry they haven't changed anything in The Matrix.

If you're wondering what the HS stands for its Holiday Schedule.

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