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#285 - Inside a L'Oréal TVC Colour Grade

Have you ever wondered, “But what would a professional do?”

When it comes to commercial colour grading, especially on TV ads with high-end brands who are sensitive to anyone seeing how the sausage gets made, that kind of information is hard to find.

But thanks to one colorist, seven years ago, sharing just such a video, you can see exactly what goes into a professional level of polish.

Why should you care?

Because then you'll know what to do and where to look when adding a similar level of polish to your own grades.

In this issue of Cut/daily I'll share a hit list of things to work on and illustrative screenshots for each, from the breakdown that will help you better direct your efforts in the future.

Plus there's some important news about the future of Cut/daily and an exclusive discount code for Ravengrade.com's new CineLook plugin for DaVinci Resolve!

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