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#296 - Should you put this on your CV?

The other day I got asked for my CV.

I've been a freelance editor for over 17 years and I'll admit that I gave up on updating my CV, many, many years ago - mostly because no one ever asked for it.

Potentially this is a mistake, when this kind of request comes around, why not have one that's up to date?

Back in #044 - Should Editors have a Reel? I argued that editors should focus more on building a decent portfolio site, than keeping their reel (invariably a montage) up to date.

A portfolio allows you to demonstrate a spectrum of abilities and experience in a single place, without resorting to a flashy montage with music.

This has the benefit of clients or producers being able to self select what kind of thing they want to see you can do. If it's a doc, they can watch a snippet of your documentary work. If they're doing a music video, an example of your music video work, etc. etc.

But I came across a portfolio site that listed some interesting details, that made me wonder if we should all be adding this information to our CVs?

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