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#295 - Inside Professional Edit Suites

What does it look like inside a professional edit suite?

Does it look any different to a suite that you or I may dwell in?

Let's find out!

In this issue of Cut/daily I'll take you inside a smorgasbord of edit suites including Dune, Mission:Impossible - Fallout, In The Heights, The Hateful Eight and many more!

Lots of these images are sourced from Art of The Cut interviews by Steve Hullfish. Follow him on Twitter for the latest developments.

If you don't already own The Art of The Cut book - check out my full review here - and then go buy it. It really is a 'must' read.

Take This Further

Take a deeper dive into what professional edit suites look like and why you should take complete control of them, for professional success here:

Inside Professional Edit Suites

Here is Editor Joe Walker, working from home, cutting Dune. An Oscar winning edit suite! Read his full Art of The Cut interview here.

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