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#294 - Learn Baselight for Free

To me Baselight is 'the other' colour grading software.

Obviously there are other, other colour grading programs that a lot of the industry uses (such as Assimilate Scratch) but Baselight and DaVinci Resolve take up the lion's share of the market, as far as I know.

In this issue of Cut/daily I wanted to share the first 11-parts of a fantastic 20-part training course for learning Baselight Student Edition, which goes well beyond the few official training videos available.

Why would you learn Baselight?

  • You're a professional colorist who only knows Resolve
  • You're a junior colorist who wants a job in a Baselight facility
  • Creative curiosity

Baselight Student Edition - What You Need To Know

A growing number of facilities are looking for trained Baselight colourists and assistants.That’s why we’ve developed Baselight Student, a software-only macOS application.

It’s a perfect learning tool, either for training to become a professional colourist, or for experienced practitioners moving up to Baselight from other applications.

— FilmLight, Creators of Baselight

You can download Baselight Student by registering here, via the form on the left.


  • Student licences last for 90-days (but you can ask for an extension)
  • Mac OSX only
  • Limited to H.264 / JPEG Export only
  • Cannot access or import full Baselight scenes (and vice versa).
  • The student version uses a different database structure for jobs and scenes, so you cannot share projects between Baselight STUDENT and full Baselight.
  • No BLG export or update AAF workflow.
  • No consolidate functionality.

Official Training and Resources

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