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#305 - Should Editors Go On Set?

For years I would have said, no.

But hearing Rogue One and Monster's Editor, Colin Goudie, talk about this subject completely changed my mind.

And I thought it was such a good point that I wanted to devote a whole issue of Cut/daily to it, so you could hear it too.

Why Editor's Shouldn't Go On Set

Until today, what I'd heard and thought was that editors should avoid being on set so as to maintain that objective sense of perspective and clarity when viewing the rushes.

By not being on set, and not standing in the rain and cold for four hours while the crew work tirelessly to get that complicated crane shot just right, it would be much easier to cut it out later if it doesn't work for the rest of the film.

Editors should serve the film by staying away and just give them a quick call every now and then if something needs fixing or if a shot is missing before they strike a set or move on from a location.

But this is a huge mistake...

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