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#318 - Creative Inspiration

This is going to be a little different.

In this issue of Cut/daily I wanted to share two very different pieces of media that I recently found creatively inspiring.

One is a music video, the other is a 15 second promo.

I'll share a few thoughts on them, but I hope that taking a couple of minutes to think about how they're doing what they're doing, diving into some of the detail and sharing a few tips your own breakdowns, will bring a little creative inspiration to your day too.

If you've seen something recently that inspired you - a book, podcast, specific edit, creative technique - hit reply and send me a link, I'd love to see it!

These shortcuts reveal everything!

When watching anything that catches my eye on YouTube it always helps to know the five most important keyboard shortcuts on the internet:

  • J = Back 10 seconds
  • K = Play/Pause
  • L = Forward 10 seconds
  • <  = Back one frame (when paused)
  • > = Forward one frame (when paused)

Specifically the last two, which you can hold down to see how an edit works, how a graphic animation is performed etc.

Or to freeze frame on those revealing 2 frame edits at the end of a trailer.

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