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#317 - Cut/daily Meets... Editor Lyra Stewart

I grew up in a funeral home in the Philippines during martial law so, at an early age, I had a glimpse of people’s motivations and actions.

This has given me a front row seat on people’s character which has affected my storytelling. I am always questioning their motivation, whether I am working on a film or a TV series.

Such an eccentric childhood also taught me resilience and persistence, and to ignore people’s BS.

— Lyra Stewart, Film Editor

One of the fascinating and encouraging things you learn interviewing different editors is that there really is no 'right path' as editor Chris Tonik pointed out in his recent Cut/daily Meets... interview.

In fact, the beautiful thing about everyone starting from different places, journeying in a different ways and simply being different people is that the work they produce is enriched by that differentiation.

In this instalment of Cut/daily Meets... I'm grateful to Katie Hinsen for once again connecting me with a fabulous editor, Lyra Stewart, who works all over Australasia and South East Asia, from a base in New Zealand.

If there's one unmissable truth from Lyra's interview, it's that hard work and determination can make all the difference – and the importance of a good BS filter!

Check out some of Lyra's work at www.nomadeditor.com

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