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#316 - How to make your first DCP

A Digital Cinema Package, or DCP, is what you need to create to be able to project your film in a cinema.

One day you'll be asked to make one and when that day comes, hopefully you'll remember this issue of Cut/daily!

In this issue I'll share some really useful free and affordable resources to help make your first DCP a glowing success, including:

  • What a DCP is
  • How to create a DCP (Premiere/Resolve)
  • Automated DCP creation
  • Essential DCP file naming convention
  • Correctly formatting a drive for DCP delivery

If you want to dive straight into a more detailed article about DCPs, click here.

What is a DCP

Despite his youthful appearance Camon from Video Tech Explained knows his stuff. And in this detailed but incredibly accessible video he explains what a DCP is and how to make one in both DaVinci Resolve Studio and Adobe Premiere Pro.


One of the simplest ways to error check your newly created DCP is to throw it back into DaVinci Resolve, add a colour space transformation and watch it there.

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