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#326 - What can I get you?

What can I get you for Christmas this year?

I'm sure that's what all of your loved ones, colleagues and even producers are clamouring to know?

To save you from looking greedy, just forward them this list and say “Pick anything from here... it's all good stuff.

Or, if they're not yet even asking, just forward this email on and say “Check out this hilarious video...” and then hopefully they'll keep reading and get the hint.

[To all future forwarded readers - the hard working Post Production Professional who sent you this surely deserves your love and gratitude for all their efforts this past year, why not get them something nice!]

Feedback - As we close out 2022, I'd love to hear from you with any suggestions for how to make Cut/daily even better in 2023.

Hit reply and be brutal.

My Favourite Funny Video of 2022

The team at Zulu Alpha Kilo, put together this bitingly funny short, delightfully skewering competition case studies. The whole thing is superbly crafted.

I could point out so many of my favourite lines* but I don't want to spoil to for you.

Another favourite is their 'Say No to Spec Work' spot...

The rest of the world doesn't work that way, why should you?

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