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#325 - A Fistful of Post Tips

In this issue of Cut/daily I'm going to try something a little different.

A grab bag of little tip and tricks with (hopefully) something for everyone, regardless of which NLE you're editing in day-to-day.

What to do when you can't get the grade to work

I felt this tweet from Eddy Moon to my bones.

Sometimes I just can't get things to match either and it's a deeply frustrating experience. A fair few other post-folk echoed these sentiments in the replies and offered further advice.

But this reply from Colorist Jack Jones is both practically and philosophically accurate:

Match the basics and then move on and come back to it later.

#225 - Why the Order of Operations Matters

Having a sensible order of operations helps in these kinds of situations where sticking to a system (hue then luminance or beginning, middle, end etc.) can guide you through the fog.

Back in #225 I shared an insight into two colorist's order of operations, which are broadly speaking:

  • Get out of LOG, establish the colour space
  • Balance the image focusing on the colours
  • Balance the image focusing on the exposure
  • Fixes - Target exposure fixes in specific areas
  • Fixes - Attended to colour fixes in specific areas
  • Push everything towards the Creative Look
  • Clean up with any final fixes and tweaks

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