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#225 - Why the Order of Operations Matters

The specific order in which you do things changes the result you will get.

In Post Production the order of operations matters in numerous situations from colour grading to compositing, in which the previous change to the image has an effect on the possible subsequent changes to the image.

For example, applying a Color Space Transform to an image first, will constrain the bounds within which other changes can be made to that image based on the parameters of that specific colour space. (ie. you might end up with clipped values.)

Also there is a logic to say, balancing your image (fixing exposure, colour temperature etc.) before you try to apply a specific creative look, otherwise one will be fighting the other.

While I am guilty of, and it may be tempting to continue working in, a haphazard dive-in-and-do-things kind of way, having a systematic, consistent methodology will help you create consistent results.

In today's issue of Cut/daily we'll take a look at one suggestion for a colour grading order of operations, to help lay the foundations for a organised way of working.

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