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#224 - Simple But Powerful Premiere Pro Tips I Did Not Know

Every day is a school day and in this issue of Cut/daily I wanted to share some specific tips for Premiere Pro that you might want to add to your brain box.

Some of these are incredibly basic, such as how to select the clip at the playhead, but they gave me that 'ah ha' moment of realising there is a better way.

In this instance, selecting the clip with the keyboard (D) means you can keep your mouse up by the Effects controls panel and not have to be mousing back and forth, especially if you're working through multiple clips at once.

Another tip is how to unnest your nested sequences, given that, there is no specific 'unnest' button to press.

The tip at 01.30 in this tutorial from Javier Mercedes, was stunning to me! I had no idea you could do this...

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