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#226 - What are Turnovers?

As an assistant editor you need to know how to make Turnovers.

Not the delicious kind with Apple sauce in, but the kind that every other department is counting on being accurate to successfully finish the show on time, on budget and without nightmare inducing errors:

Once that episode is locked we're off to the races and everybody's working at the same time in order to meet that air date or post-production delivery date.

What that means is, that you have to make sure that each and every one of these vendors is working on the correct version of the cut.

The nightmare scenario here, would be for Picture to conform one version of a cut and Sound and Music and Visual Effects to be working on an outdated version of the cut.

What happens when all these elements are joined in at the end, is that they're going to be out of sync.

And I don't even want to think about that!

— Agustin "Auggie" Rexach, Assistant Editor

In this issue of Cut/daily we'll take a look at some excellent resources to get you up to speed on what Turnovers are and how to make them.

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