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#340 - Cut/daily Meets... Editor Chris Donaldson

Some advice emerges only from long-worn experience and that's the reason it is so hard to come by and yet the very same reason it's the most valuable to acquire.

In this issue of Cut/daily Meets... you can hoover up exactly this kind of advice in spades from Editor Chris Donaldson.

My favourite takeaway from everything Chris shares?

Great ideas emerge over time and through collaboration, and it’s much more valuable to wander down potentially dead end paths to discover what could work, than to concentrate on what will work.

— Editor Chris Donaldson

His impressive credits include TV shows such as Vikings, Penny Dreadful, American God's, The Handmaid's Tale and Reacher.

His most recent feature credits include Director David Cronenberg's frightening Crimes of the Future and the evocative Women Talking directed by Sarah Polley.

Women Talking won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay and was also nominated for Best Picture.

You can follow Chris on Twitter here, or check out his official site here.

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