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#341 - Free Translated Subtitles (in a pinch)

Don't get Lost in Translation... see what I did there?!

This issue of Cut/daily is all about an easy way to earn some extra cash on all your projects and help you clients reach new audiences.

🥁 Drum roll please for....

!Translated Subtitles!

OK so not that exciting and actually still a bit of a pain to do, but well worth the effort in terms of charging for extra deliverables and helping your client reach a much wider audience with their message.

In this issue I'll share the workflow I used just last week to create two different foreign language translations of my original English captions track in just a few minutes.

But wait... there's a caveat

Currently this workflow relies on a free subtitle translation site that is probably using the Google Translate API or some such, so it's not perfect.

Neither is the originating English transcription. But as the AI improves itself, so these will improve too.

Until that is, the AI destroys us all! (Smart people are worried about this.)

So I've updated my Best AI Tools for Post Production round up accordingly, with some interesting perspectives on the ethics and future of all this AI hullabaloo.

Here's my favourite because Kirby Ferguson is the best.

Anyway, I digress.

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