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#350 - Cut/daily Meets... Editor Nicholas Wong

Nicholas Wong is an editor whose career journey should give inspiration to anyone starting out as an assistant editor right now.

How so?

Nicholas started out as an assistant editor, worked his way up to first assistant and then editor, all on the long-running teen show Degrassi: The Next Generation. Which just goes to show that hard work and talent really can help you rise to the top, especially when the editors above you a willing to support your progress.

Along the way Nicholas has worked on shows such as Baroness Von Sketch Show, Utopia Falls, The Expanse and Another Life.

Today, Nicholas has just finished editing on season 4 of Snow Piercer and is currently cutting on Halo for Paramount+.

My favourite takeaway from everything Nicholas had to share?

You have to listen to what the characters are saying.

— Nicholas Wong's Editing Mentor

Read on to find out why!

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