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#368 - 90 minutes with EEAAO Editor, Paul Rogers

(Me when using a PC)

Say what you will about Everything Everywhere All At Once and its seven Academy Award wins (including Best Picture, Best Directing, Best Original Screenplay and Best Editing) - I really enjoyed it.

Maybe everyone else did, too?

(My neighbour, who is a film teacher, didn't love it, so maybe his opinion is weighing heavily on my memory.)


I was delighted when Adobe set up a 90-minute masterclass with EEAAO editor, Paul Rogers, and his two assistant editors from the project, Zekun Mao and Aashish D'Mello.

You can dive into all three parts here:

But, in this issue of Cut/daily, I wanted to whet your appetite with three key takeaways from the full 90 minutes, which also gives you a great introduction to working collaboratively in Adobe Premiere Pro Productions.

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