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#370 - Cut/daily Meets... 1st Assistant Editor Jasmin John

One of the things I try to do with the Cut/daily Meets... interview series is to hear from a wider variety of people and parts of post-production who don't get as much airtime as the big-shot editors (although we've got some of those too!)

In this issue, I'm excited to hear from 1st Assistant Editor Jasmin John, who has (since I interviewed her) worked her way up from serving as a 1st Assistant and Assembly Editor to a fully-fledged Editor in high-end TV drama.

Jasmin is just putting the finishing touches on her first 90-minute TV episode as the editor, while some of her previous credits as the 1st Assistant include series three of Tin Star for Sky, Becoming Elizabeth for Starz and Everything Now for Netflix.

My bonus question to Jasmin was all about this editorial odessey:

What's the journey been like moving up, and what tactics would you share for others to follow?

It's been an incredible journey - I am so thankful to have friends and colleagues rooting for me, supporting my progress and vouching for my talent and ability - that validation speaks volumes.  

Be you. Be your most authentic self. That's the only tactic I've used and it's the easiest to follow! You'll know when what you're doing is putting you on the right path because opportunities will align.

Jasmin is also the Founder of Black Women In Post Production (BWIPP), a network creating access and opportunity for Black and Black Mixed heritage women working or looking to work in Film and TV post-production.

She told me she is passionate about increasing diversity in the industry and inspiring the next generation of young Black women because “if you can’t see it, how do you know you can be it?

Connect with the Black Women in Post Production Network

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