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#374 - After Effects for Everyone

After Effects is actually one of the most valuable creative programs to learn as an editor.

Regardless of which NLE you spend most of your time in, anything you can do in After Effects will help add a ton of 'production value' to every project you work on.

To that end, this issue of Cut/daily will give you a selection of my favourite new After Effects tips, tricks and short tutorials from motion designer Will Taylor.

What I like about these tips is that they teach you how to do a better version of something you're probably already doing, which means that you will actually be able to use these techniques to consistently improve your work, today!

If you watch closely Will's 30-second reel does a great job of using centre framing/eye-matching across every cut to make you never have to scan the screen for where to look, which gives the whole thing a real sense of drive.

Plus it's nice and short.

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