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#382 - The Data Doesn't Lie

Imagine a Venn diagram with ‘editing’ and ‘data analysis’ in two overlapping circles.

This issue of Cut/daily delivers three entirely different things from that overlap.

  • 2023 Post-Production Rates Survey Results
  • How Times Change - Editing the same movie, 1940 vs 1998
  • Netflix's Secret Data - The billion-dollar shows no one is talking about
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The 2023 (US) Post-Production Rates Survey Results

The indefatigable Katie Hinsen, with a modicum of help from everyone who filled in the survey (and thank you if you did), has crunched the numbers and produced the 2023 Post-Production Rates Survey Results.

What does it say?

The survey once again makes for sober reading, but also important and helpful reading. So please do take a few minutes to digest Katie's fine work!

One point of good news is that male and female editors were largely paid the same wage this year, which is an outlier compared to all the other departments surveyed!

More broadly, though, men were paid 18.5% more than women working in post-production, which is 2.5% higher than the US national average of 16%.

Sadly, the racial pay gap is only increasing again, with PoC being paid an average of 18% less than their white colleagues in 2023.

For editors, “despite a consistent closing of the racial pay gap for Editors since 2017, it appears to have widened again in 2022, reaching 9%.”

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