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#383 - This is why AI won't take your job

So, I was a panellist at a media summit on AI and post-production the other day, and it was an interesting experience both in terms of being at an event like this and just seeing what everyone is up to with AI.

Today, I couldn't tell you what we spoke about. Apparently, I said this and this. (I know I kept mentioning Jurassic Park for some reason.)

One thing that did stay with me however, was a note on a slide from an analysis of AI and the media by Cyrus Mewawalla, Head of Thematic Intelligence at Global Data, in which (apparently) one of the first jobs to be eradicated by AI would be video editors.

When I got home, I scribbled down some reasons why I don't think that's true.

Here are my reflections on the future of video editing in an AI-first world.


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