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#388 - Several Careers Worth of Editing Wisdom

I'll start this issue of Cut/daily with a reader question:

I was thinking the other day about editors and down time. What do other editors do in between projects?

How do other editors handle going from the high-pressure, stressful environment of the edit to suddenly having no deadlines, no schedule and no pressure to create?

How do they de-stress, unwind, and fill up their tank ready for their next project?

How do they handle the self-doubt moments of ‘will the phone ever ring again” or “I’m never gonna work again” because everyone has them right?

We perhaps just don’t talk about it publicly.

— Editor and Cut/daily Reader

So what do you do?

Hit reply and let me know - I read and respond to every email!

Then, I'll share your thoughts, tactics and creative solutions with the rest of us.

Five Career-Building Mistakes to Avoid

In this issue of Cut/daily, I've brought together some astute, career-shaping editorial wisdom, earned from many decades of experience that, beginners and veterans alike, we can all learn from.

Building an editorial career requires strategy, tenacity, good humour and a lot of hard work. But thousands of other people have successfully done it, so you can too!

What you're doing is not as important as where you're doing it and with whom.

— Zack Arnold, ACE, Editor

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