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#393 - Free Social Media Overlays

Next time you're working on your social media deliverables for one of the main video platforms, use these free alpha overlays to make sure all that busy UI clutter does not obfuscate your crucial video content.

After all, it has to fit, right?

YouTube Shorts has a lot of things on-screen to avoid...

Download 9 Social Media Overlays

  • YouTube Shorts vertical 9:16_1080x1920
  • YouTube Ad universal safe zone – vertical 9:16_1080x1920
  • YouTube Ad universal safe zone – square 1:1_1080x1080
  • YouTube Ad universal safe zone – horizontal 16:9_1920x1080
  • X vertical 9:16_675 x 1200
  • X vertical 4:5_960 x 1200
  • TikTok vertical 9:16_1080x1920
  • Instagram Reel vertical 9:16_1080x1920
  • Facebook story vertical 9:16_1080x1920

Download them all for free here*.

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Where did I get these?

They're all in the new Adobe Premiere Pro Project Templates > Social Media Template project.

What is that?

It's a new(ish?) thing you may have missed as it's tucked away and not constantly available (all will be explained), but it brings time-saving project templates to Adobe Premiere Pro.

Why is this useful?

Suppose you cut the exact same kind of content to a set formula. In that case, having all of those intros/outros, graphics, music cues etc, set up on a timeline in a template project means you don't need to import, copy or accidentally overwrite your previous timeline each time you need to make one.

It's just ready and waiting.

*OK, so I wanted to just export still frames of these as alpha pngs from Premiere and share them with you directly, but that would probably be frowned upon. So, instead, you can easily do the same; you just need to install the free trial of Premiere Pro first.

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