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#399 - Cut/daily Meets... Kent Kincannon

Editor Kent Kincannon turned a gig cutting for CollegeHumor into a ticket to LA, ultimately editing scripted comedy for Starz, NBC, and Paramount+, all while working alongside some of the brightest new faces in comedy.

Kent's second feature film as Editor, Cora Bora, starring Megan Stalter, hits cinemas in the next few weeks, and it already has a 93% rating on RottenTomatoes so be sure to check out the trailer below.

My favourite thing Kent had to share in his take on the Cut/daily Meets... questions?

Agree to jobs that are bigger than what you're comfortable doing, hopefully in collaboration with a friend who trusts you to eventually get it right!

— Kent Kincannon, Editor

Fortune favours the brave, or as the SAS say, “Who dares wins.

Plus, the worst that can happen is you get fired.

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