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#093 - Better Editing Through Sound Mixing

When it comes to making your edit look far better than it really is (sorta) the magic comes from any time spent on the sound design and mix.

You can't see it, but you can absolutely feel it.  Like good manners, it makes all the difference.

Yet many editors feel like they aren't 100% sure if they're doing it right.

A simple solution?

Send your project to a professional sound designer/mixer and then afterwards take them for a drink and ask them to talk you through what they did.

There is no gatekeeper to playing with sound... You don't need permission to start messing with sound design, you don't need any permission to start messing around with sounds or plug-ins or anything.

Just do it.

I actually prefer working with editors who are like
"I piled it full and did my best work.
Take the ball and run with it."

— Dallas Taylor, Sound Designer

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