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#122 - Cut/Daily Meets... 1st Assistant Editor Richard Sanchez

Today's Cut/daily Meets... is sponsored by my favourite source of production music.

Richard Sanchez is a sought-after 1st Assistant and Additional Editor working on such films and TV shows as Tangerine, Suicide Squad, The Good Place, Robin Hood and Bill & Ted Face The Music.

Richard is also co-founder of the best Assistant Editing training you can buy online -  Master The Workflow.

I've reviewed MTW in detail and shared some of their excellent free resources like this podcast on an Assistant Editor's Codebook and in-depth training tasters over on the blog numerous times.

If Assistant Editing is something you do or aspire to do, don't miss these resources:

I'm super grateful to Richard for taking the time to describe what it's really like to work as a 1st Assistant Editor and share some really valuable career advice along the way.


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