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#149 - Download Four Free EXR Explosion Sequences

A wide shot like that, castle burning, we like that.
Everybody screaming, a lot of blood, boom!

The problem with a lot of free VFX elements is that they're essentially a pre-baked render of a far more complex and adaptable original format.

Not so with these four free explosions from experienced compositor Alex Hanneman, which are delivered as nearly 7GB of EXR image sequences.

Multi-Light CG explosions allow you to adjust the lighting based on the shot that you are compositing them into.

You can also adjust the glow / emission pass as necessary.

— Alex Hanneman

This means that they come to you ungraded and in several passes giving you a greater amount of control over your final composite.

Alex also gives you permission to use them in commercial and personal projects as long as they are 'in the final project form.'

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